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Adebayo Adewale graduated at university of lagos (unilag) obtaining a bsc in geography in 2013 and went on to pursue his music career from then on. He gained popularity with hit songs like Jasi and continued on to release 6 hit singles all available on iTunes and all music platforms.
With the money gained from his musical career he ventured into being an entrepreneur by starting his own crypto currency company called Sellfastpayfast.
Adebayo Adewale is a renowned digital entrepreneur, author and crypto influencer. Currently the CEO of Sellfastpayfast LLC for almost a decade which is an online crypto platform that enables customers to convert their bitcoins to cash at a reasonable price or preferred local currency. Official website is .
In his trainings, he will be sharing the secret of his success and the strategies he used to grow his business and market in bullish or bearish situations.He is popularly known for his success with crypto trading and being the most reliable bitcoin trader in the African continent serving a database of over 20,000 thousand individuals and corporate clients in regions such as Nigeria, UAE, United Kingdom, Kenya, South Africa, Ghana and Cameroon. Besides being a pan-African brand he is working on expanding Sellfastpayfast to other countries.
With experience and credibility he has managed to grow his businesses into an aray of businesses across different industries.
Now an author, Adebayo Adewale released a book in 2021 titled Make Money While You Sleep, which has been made available accross the world’s most renowned book stores. The prime focus of the book is to teach people how to trade and the strategies involved in trading. 
The book has sold close to 10,000 since its date of release.
Amongst the aray of businesses Adebayo has included a mentorship training platform. Trade with Bnaira, ( which is an online training platform which equips individuals on trade strategies, the secret of his success and proven strategies that he has used to grow his business and market in bullish or bearish situations. 
He also has over 10,000 clients who have registered.
Adebayo Adewale is also an investor and financial strategist and he has successfully managed other businesses well in high standards. 
He also decided to follow his passions which are interiors and fashion by establishing a clothing brand, Batsnoni.
Batsnoni is an online fashion brand that specialises in male apparel, clothing is meticulously made for the stylish male. Our official website is
Being that interior design is one of his passions, he established a digital platform known for shopping for the best modern contemporary furniture online to suit homes and offices. Called The Modern day furnitures ( ),Offering the finest lighting, decor, and art to customize your home and office.
Adebayo is an established crypto influencer with over 1million followers on various social media platforms where he shares insights of all his businesses and his success stories.
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