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Samantha Jones

Adebayo' Bnaira' Adewale

Award Winner

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Being a young African author and entrepreneur, I’ve noticed that our people are intelligent, hardworking and ambitious - but without the necessary guidance they fail to reach the levels they were meant to. They never get to see true financial freedom, because various platforms where information is fed through to them are limited and only partial to what are required to build a mindset of abundance and growth. Not only would I like to congratulate you BNaira on this book - as it is not easy to write a book - but I would like to thank you for what this book will do for Africa and its people. You are an incredible young man, with a mind filled with innovation and expertise. Most people in your position would keep all the knowledge learned to themselves. Thank you for choosing to rather share that information with every single individual on this earth. I am a huge admirer of you and your work. I have massive respect for you and what you have achieved throughout the years - not only in a musical sense but also in terms of your business mindset. Africa needed an educational book on financial freedom and what the future looks like. This is definitely that book. This is the first book to give a detailed, insightful look at Bitcoin and the various aspects involved with the cryptocurrency. It’s an essential read for anyone trying to reach a level of financial freedom. It will teach you how to make money while you sleep. Congratulations once again. Keep inspiring and continue changing lives.

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